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Should all this be applied?

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Hi y'all.
I'm making this post so players can vote if this fixes should be applied or nah.
First one is worldborder: it's a mess. With the essentials worldborder you can do /worldborder and that's it, it's the best one. On factions there must be corners, and with this one there aren't.
Second is the economy: If you are making this hardcore economy then do not make spawners cost 500k, for example. I would suggest making the eco less hardcore, adding more price rewards on vote, crates and envoys.
Third is the bedrock: I know some people think that messy bedrock it's pretty, but the ones that have played more years on factions appreciate a server with flat bedrock. It's a lightweight plugin called FlatBedrock from Bukkit ( which is so easy to understand. It will make the factions better since you can trench with no weird bedrock and walls will be clear.
Fourth is the trench tools: I have a trench tools plugin for UUID which works perfect. It allows you to do /shockwave give player tool (pick, shovel or axe) radius (3, 6, 9, 11). It's paid plugin so it will not have any issue, as the actual one.

Hope you appreciate this and hope you apply this :)
Thanks and vote yes hehe
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